Eco Kit Homes

Sustainable Kit Homes

Our range of sustainable designer kit homes combine functionality and beauty to provide affordable housing solutions.

We are experts in Energy Efficiency and our designs reflect this by being highly efficient, economical and designed to suit both on or off-grid applications.

The designs are engineered to suit a variety of environments and different soil types and we can design to suit very low impact footings for minimal site disturbance or standard timber or concrete footings as required.

We take a holistic approach to our designs, capturing direct radiant heat in winter and passively cooling the home in summer using variations on stack ventilation, thermal chimneys and by sizing and designing windows for cross flow ventilation. We can even have the house automatically and safely vent hot summer air overnight leaving your home naturally cooler in summer.

Simple kitchen layout

The Woodland Studio– 1 bd, 1 bth

A kit home featuring a blend of timber and steel with a small low impact footprint and options for an additional loft bedroom or storage.

The Writer’s Retreat– 1 bd, 1 bth

Featuring a study area bathed in natural light and a reading nook combined with a luxurious ensuite with full walk in shower- this retreat or studio lodge will suit all tastes.

The Guest House– 1 bd, 1 bth

Perfect for a small holiday bed and breakfast or full time living, the panoramic views and luxury living will delight.

The Guest House + 1– 2bd, 1-2bth

Luxury living with spare bedroom or study and option for second ensuite for overnight guests.

The Tiny Townhouse– 3bd, 2bth

Ideal layout for a small block or join two together to maximise your space and provide an extra income. A great low cost entry to the rental market or a multi-generational living option.

… plus more designs being released late 2020. Contact us now to register your interest in our upcoming designs and updates.