$1999 Custom set of house plans

Plus bonus energy rating valued at $399 FREE!!

You get:

Up to 2 sets of amendments


Electrical plan



Energy Rating

* Site plan and shadow plans also available

House Plan FAQS


Are the plans approved by a registered draftsperson?

Yes, all plans are checked against building code regulations and are approved by a registered draftsperson.


How long will it take to get a completed set of plans?

Between 1- 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the plans, the amount of alterations needed, how long it takes us to get information from you and the availability of our draftspeople.


Can I get plans for a Development Application?

Yes, please contact us for information on Development Applications and plans for Planning and development permits. The requirements for these vary depending on your state and in many cases we need site information to be provided from a surveyor or similar business.


Can I get a site plan?

Yes, as an extra feature to our house plan sets, we can produce site plans starting from $200 (GST Exc). We require information about the site to be provided in CAD format from a surveyor or engineer to be able to accurate produce a site plan. Any costs involved in getting this information is in addition to our fees. Please contact us for further information.


House Energy Rating FAQS


Eco Mission Pty Ltd perform house energy ratings that comply with the energy efficiency standards in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA requires that new homes, alterations and extensions comply with certain energy standards dependant upon the climate zone for the building.


Do I need to comply with the BCA house energy requirements?

In most cases you will need to show compliance with the energy standards in order to receive a building permit. Eco Mission will assess the proposed building against the BCA standards, (usually by modelling the thermal performance of the building using advanced second generation software) and will provide a star rating for your property. The plans that have been assessed will then be digitally stamped and you would use these stamped plans in your building permit submission to your local council or Relevant Building Surveyor.


What if my plans do not achieve the minimum 6 star rating?

We will provide you with a free report details suggested changes to be made to the plans in order to achieve a 6 star rating. These plans would then need to be resubmitted to us to be re-rated once the changes have been met. The report is offered free of charge, however there are (reduced) fees involved with re-certifying the plans.


What are the direct deposit payment details?

To make a payment to Eco Mission, please use the following bank account details:

Account Name: Eco Mission Pty Ltd

BSB: 633 000

A/C: 136393899

Bank: Bendigo Bank Ltd

Reference: Please use your email address as the reference.


What are the PayPal payment details?

To make a payment by PayPal, click on the PayPal button or send a manual payment to PayPal account: info@ecomission.com.au.


When does a renovation need an energy rating?

When the volume of the extension is at least 25% of the volume of the existing building. The energy rating is different to the energy rating for new homes as it consists of a Deemed to Satisfy report compiled by an accredited thermal performance assessor, rather than a star rating calculation as with new homes.

What if during an extension, I demolish part of the existing house, how does this affect the report?

If a house is partly demolished, the original volume of the existing building is what the new volume is measured against. For example, if you had a 150m2 house and demolished 50m2 to make way for a 25m2 extension, this would be 16% of the existing volume and would likely not require an energy report (*this can be requested at the discretion of the Building Surveyor.) If you otherwise measured this by the new existing volume, it would be 25% and would require that the extension complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulations regarding energy standards.


Do you have a question about house energy ratings? Contact us to get the answer.