$1999 Custom set of house plans

Plus bonus energy rating valued at $399 FREE!!

You get:

Up to 2 sets of amendments


Electrical plan



Energy Rating

* Site plan and shadow plans also available

Community Eco Missions

Bio Bag Mission
Eco Mission are supporting businesss changing over to 100% biodegradable bags by offering subsidised biodegradable bags and artwork including educational posters and information for customers to assist with the changeover and marketing of biodegradable bags. Register your interest to join the biodegradable bulk buy and Bio Bag Mission here.
"Flick the switch to Green Energy" Mission
Your group can earn money as a fundraiser or to donate to a cause by starting or joining a green energy bulk buy. Green energy retailers offer discounts, commissions and other benefits if a group of people change over to their green energy product.
Rainbow Bag Mission
Members of the community are encouraged to join our rainbow bag mission. Instead of using mass produced 'green bags' our bags are made by the community from waste materials (such as clothing material unable to be sold through op shops). The bags are made by volunteers and sold or donated to shops who agree to change over to biodegradable and recycled bags.

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Eco Mission Pty Ltd
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0410 027 544

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